4 comments on “DnD Skirmishes (soon to be Dungeon Command)

  1. This looks really cool.
    How many units do you have in a team and do you start with a set few or can you choose who you want at the start?
    Is there any hint of what other teams there will be or of price?


    • Hey Rob,

      There are a total of twelve units for each team. Every unit has levels and you are allowed to choose any number of starting units as long as their levels total up to seven. You aren’t allowed to choose high level units either.

      Only the two teams have been announced, but WotC often tie in their product releases into a theme. So I expect it will be whatever the next theme is.

  2. Actually, I was slightly wrong and apologise. A third set has been announced, due in August this year. It’s called Dungeon Command: Tyranny of Goblins, but who knows what type of minis that might feature…..

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