Hello, my name is Efka and I love RPGs. My love for RPGs is so big, I admit it in the first sentence of my own description of me, preceded only by my name. This blog, henceforth, is about RPGs mostly, but might include topics related to other geek hobbies, including boardgames, miniatures and comics. I hope you enjoy my blog, not because of some need for self gratification, but for your own sake. You see – I’m on good terms with the blog fairy. If you don’t like my blog, she’ll tell me. And then I’ll send the blog elves after you, which are not like DnD Elves at all, they are more like Santa elves but more evil. Instead of assembling toys, they dismember naughty blog readers. Beware! (also find me on twitter – @banjotheclown)


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